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Twenty One Days To A Happy Heart

Author: Russell Schmidt

Russell Schmidt shares “The Happiness Process,” which helps you to transform your life in twenty one days.

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Everyone experiences suffering and sadness in a lifetime. For some it is intermittent and for others a constant presence. Suffering can also be mild or severe. Nobody wants to suffer and yet the evidence is clear that humans, as conscious beings, experience another dimension of suffering as compared to our animal companions on the planet. Psychic suffering is the result of a natural physiological process in the human body which involves normal brain activity, subconscious programming and naturally occurring fear and happy drugs. Russell Schmidt has been on a journey to cure his own sad heart since 1987 when he started to wake up to his own suffering and the extent of suffering that was so evident all around him. As an educator and financial planner, Russell has had 25 years of learning from hundreds of successful people who also suffer unnecessarily. Through observation, reading, and coaching, Russell has discovered and is practicing The Happiness Process (a twenty minute daily commitment) which has transformed his own life in less than twenty one days. By practicing The Happiness Process, the advantage goes to the happy drugs. Higher levels of happy drugs equals a happy heart, a sense of well being and positive energy at the start of every day. The Happiness Process is a life altering experience. Use the 'My Happy Heart Journal' to start writing your twenty one days to your happy heart. This journal is extremely helpful to the process on writing a journal every morning. It includes The Happiness Process that helps overcome the fear of what to write about.

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