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The "Scary Times" Care Package

When unprecedented circumstances occur, it can be difficult to know how to move forward. The four Knowledge Products in this collection will help you navigate these scary times with confidence.

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The 21-Day Positive Focus: During scary times, it can be especially challenging to maintain and protect your confidence. Getting into the habit of focusing on the positive aspects of your life—your daily “wins”—will help inoculate you against the drama and negativity surrounding you so you can move forward confidently. 

The 4 C's Formula: During this global “pause,” we're all learning to do things in a new way, from homeschooling our kids to self-isolating to hosting Zoom meetings. There are huge opportunities for growth, but you may not be feeling your normal sense of capability and confidence. The 4 C's Formula for growth will help you get clear on your commitments and go through the inevitable period of courage needed to achieve higher levels of capability and confidence. 

The D.O.S. Conversation: One of the things that changes for all of us during uncertain times is our picture of the future, as it's inevitably different from what we had planned. A powerful way you can create value for your clientele is to have a conversation with them about what their three-year vision looks like. Then, relative to that vision, help them identify what they’re worried about (their Dangers), excited about (their Opportunities), and confident about (their Strengths)—their D.O.S. Helping your audience clarify a new future for themselves is an incredible way to be useful, especially now.

Extraordinary Impact Filter: As a result of our current circumstances, are you having a lot of ideas for how things can be different? New product and service offerings, new solutions, or ways to fix what isn't working? Communicating these ideas effectively can be a challenge even in normal circumstances but is especially difficult when people's emotions are heightened. The Impact Filter is an incredibly strategic (and fast) thinking and communication tool to ensure alignment on your vision and to help you clearly communicate the what, the why, and the success criteria to your team so they can take effective action in achieving it.


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